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Policy Issues

Families & Children 

Child Poverty Higher in Rural America

by Andrew Schaefer, Marybeth Mattingly, Kenneth Johnson (2016) for Carsey School of Public Policy

Data Snapshot: Snap Declines Continue in 2016, but not for Rural America

by Jessica Carson (2017) for Carsey School of Public Policy

UNH Research Show Differences in Rural U.S. Fall Along Income Lines

(2017) for University of New Hampshire

Jobs and the Economy

America’s Dairy Farmers Are Hurting. A Giant Merger Could Make Things Worse.


Can a Coal Town Reinvent Itself?


More Americans Credit Obama than Trump for Economy

by Jacqueline Thomsen (2018) for The Hill

Rural Poverty Skyrockets as Jobs move away

by Reid Wilson (2017) for The Hill

Trump Has Promised to Bring Jobs Back. His Tariffs Threaten to Send Them Away.


Trump is getting played by China on Trade

by Josh Rogin (2019) for The Washington Post

What Would Jesus Do About Inequality?



A Cess Pool of a Dungeon: The Surging Population in Rural Jails


Population 2020 Census Faces Challenges in Rural America

by William O’Hare (2017) for Carsey School of Public Policy


A Hospital Crisis is Killing Rural Communities. This state is ground zero.

by Dustin Chambers (2017) for Huffington Post

All nations should have universal health care

by Shinzo Abe and Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (2019) for The Washington Post

As Opioid Use Climbs, NeoNatal Abstinence Syndrome Rises in New Hampshire

by Carsey School of Public Policy (2017)

Clean Water Matters: “Rural America’s Drinking Water Crisis”

by Sarah Jones and Emily Atkin (2018) for The New Republic

Drugs, Alcohol and Suicide Represent a Growing Share of U.S. Mortality

by Shannon Monnat (2017) for Carsey School of Public Policy

First Evidence Found of Popular Farm Pesticides in Drinking Water

by Ben Guarino (2017) for The Washington Post

Medicare cuts hurt rural America

by Rural Health Web

New CDC Report Shows Cancer Rates Higher in Rural America

(2017) CDC press release

Opioid Overdose Crisis

(2019) National Institute on Drug Abuse

Rural Hospitals are Dying and Pregnant Women are Paying the Price

by Lisa Rab (2017) for Politico Magazine

Rural Hospitals See Graham-Cassady as Latest Threat to Survival

by Dave Barkholz (2017) for

The Opioid Crisis isn’t just about Negligence. It’s about Complicity

by Robert Gebelhoff (2017) for The Washington Post

The Rural Hospital Closure Crisis – 15 Key Findings

by Ayla Ellison (2016) for Becker’s Hospital Review