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My Rural America

leads the fight to return rural America

to its progressive roots

My Rural America offers policy information – “tools” for rural citizens and their leaders, that offer assistance for building a stronger rural economy and a stronger nation.

What We’re About


Help rural Americans learn, and use, documented information on progressive policies offering opportunities for the growth of good rural jobs, strengthening the rural economy, public schools, and meeting healthcare needs.


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To build a bridge of understanding between rural America and urban America for a stronger America.

The year 2016 was a watershed in American politics and a wake-up call that rural communities felt neglected, overlooked or outright abandoned by their representatives in government.  At My Rural America, we are committed to helping rural Americans access verified information that they can trust … about how the policy discussions in Washington, and sometimes in their state legislatures, affect their communities.

Key Issues


Growing economic challenges in rural America demand the need for fair trade, dependable and affordable health care and a strong public education system.


Weather disruptions endanger rural America’s greatest source of income –its ability to produce the food and fiber that feed our country and our world.

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The growth of unverified “news” through social media, anecdotes and conspiracy theories are creating fear and distorting the truth.  

Our Work

Value Proposition — We deliver key messages and winning content.

  • Shares and continually updates rural Americans with research and vetted information they can trust
  • Personalizes the policies under debate, so that rural Americans can quickly access details about what’s at stake for rural communities.
  • Identifies, assists and empowers rural community leaders who are committed to strengthening their communities.  We share the benefits of progressive policies and the voting records of Members of Congress.

In doing so, we strengthen the voices of rural America.

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What People Are Saying

Tom DaschleIt’s absolutely critical that we bring back two-party competition in Rural America, to elevate an agenda that promotes rural values and has real benefits for rural communities.  I strongly support My Rural America’s effort to ensure that Rural America Counts and has the leadership it deserves.

Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle

My Rural America is working hard to elect Democrats from rural areas. Our party’s roots were historically rural. Not that long ago our majorities in Congress were enabled by a large number of rural Democratic seats. My Rural America has a thoughtful approach with achievable goals that can enlarge our party’s ability to compete and win in rural regions. That’s why I’m pleased to support the work of My Rural America.

Rick Boucher (D-9th District VA 1983-2011)

My Rural America was established to both listen to concerns of our Nation’s citizens who live and work in Rural America AND to provide access to timely data, information, perspective and insights to enhance productivity and opportunity.  It was created to provide rural Americans the full benefits of citizenship in “fly-over” states.  Rural Americans provide the food we eat, fiber we wear, and increasingly the energy we use.  Across the country rural Americans have one thing in common: great expanses and long distances resulting in special challenges for them to obtain education, healthcare and to develop jobs.

David Weiman, Principal, Agricultural Resources, LLC, Washington, DC

My Rural America is more important today than ever, filling a critical need for information and communication for the one of every seven Americans who don’t live in the big cities and suburbs and who often are ignored by the national news outlets. My Rural America will emphasize the virtues and strength of hardworking people who need only a fair shake to succeed in a rapidly-changing economy.  

James C. Webster – Agricultural Journalist and Former Assistant Secretary of Agriculture for Governmental and Public Affairs, Arlington, VA

Many people are familiar with the name Tom Perriello, our one-term Virginia Member of Congress who narrowly won election over long time right-wing conservative Virgil Goode in 2008.  Not enough people are familiar with My Rural America, but they need to be because in 2008, Perriello was lucky that MRA was already in place with a communications system consistently advocating for Virginians who needed (and still need) health insurance, Veterans’ benefits and better jobs. My Rural America taught Virginians that they needed to be engaged — and that votes matter.  

Lisa Murphy, Principal, MTE, LLC; North Garden Home, LLC, Charlottesville, VA

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